Felt x Fia Hamelijnck

Felt presents a unique and captivating approach to sharing the personal narratives of creatives. 

Through our previous collections, we have brought forth captivating stories. Now, Fia Hamelijnck, a talented Dutch and Nigerian creative, has joined forces with us.

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"Two worlds intertwined into a single entity" serves as the foundation not only for Fia personally but also for this collection. The belly chain capsule takes inspiration from the captivating allure of African waist beads. These beads have adorned the waists of women in Africa for countless decades, symbolizing femininity, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. Fia's deep fascination with these women and their traditions, combined with her own love for belly chains, gave birth to Felt x Fia Hamelijnck.

This collection consists of a modern interpretation of waist beads, earrings, and bag accessories and is dedicated to celebrating and honoring each and every one of you.

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